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试卷命题 庹厚芬

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(  )21
.一Be careful you will make mistakes in your exams
      --I know that
MumOne can never be too careful
and Bor Cnor Dbut
(   )22
I  wanted to explainbut he didn’t give me any
        A. excuse B
chance Cway Dchoice
(   )23
—My pen is lost and I can’t find it anywhere
S0 you will have to buy
      A. It B
few Cone Dany
(   )24
—What beautiful shoes you’re wearing! They must be expensive
they only 10 yuan
      A. spent B
took Cpaid Dcost
(  ) 25
.一Do you know Hong Zhanhui?
YesHe’s the college student has moved Chinese people a lot
       A. who B
which Cwhat Dwhom
(  ) 26
I arrived at the airport the plane had taken oft
      A. after B
while Cwhen Dbefore
(  ) 27
—Where’s Mr. Yu, do you know?
Wellit's hard to sayBut I saw him——a football game just now
      A. was watching B
watching Chad watched Dwatched
(  ) 28
--I feel really before the interview
      —-Take it easy
Sure you are the best
      A. patient B
serious Cnervous Dcool
(  ) 29
.一Must I go and do it now?
you__We still have two more days
shouldn’t BCan’t Cneedn’t Dwont
(  )30·Xiao Li is the fight person to show the foreigners around
for of us can speak  English
       A. all B
each Cboth Dnone
(  ) 31
—come and join USJimmy!
       --I’m sorry, but I'm really busy now
If I____time1 would certainly go
        A-will have B
have had Chad Dhave
(  )32. I hear the 2006 World Cup is held in Germany________ June 9m____July   9th

     A. On
and Bfromto Cbetweenon Dduringto
(  ) 33
.一You’ve left the light on
sorry_____and turn it off
I’ve gone BI’11 go C1 went DI’m going
(  )34
--I’ve got a little_____in my house
Why not keep two or more?
juice Bmice Cbread Dfish
(  )35
.一You are standing too near to the rⅣCan you move a bit____?
0KMumIs it all fight here?
faster Bslower Cfarther Dnearer
(  )36
As close friendsthey used to walk to school________
face to face B1ittle by little Cstep by step Dside by side
(  )37
—They say there’s a new restaurant nearby
and it——for no more than a week
has been open Bopens Cis opening Dis opened
(  )38
——the water was coldWei Qinggang jumped into it to save others
Although BWhen CIf DBecause
(  )39
Peter says that the Whites are on holiday, but no one knows——
where they have been       Bwhere are they
where are they from         Dwhere they have gone
(   )40
--I’m going to act in Jack Chan’s new movie!
     ---Congratulations! You’re really——

a lucky dog Ba black sheep Ca cold fish Da white elephant

Once upon a time
there was a child ready to be bornSo 41 he asked God”they tell me you are sending me to 42but being SO small and helpless 43 am I going to live there?”
“44 the many angels (
天使) I chose one for youShe will be waiting for you and will take care of you”God replied
‘'But here in Heaven(
天堂)I do 45 else but sing and smile! That’s enough for me to be happy
God said
‘‘Your angel will sing and smile for you every dayAnd you will feel your angel’s love and be 46
The child said
“And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me 47 I don’t know the language that men speak?”
God told the child
‘‘Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweetest words you will ever hear, and with 48 patience(耐心)and careyour angel will teach you 51
The child said
“I’ve 50 that on the earth there are bad menwho will protect me?”
God said
“Your angel will protect you 51 it means risking her life(冒生命危险)
“But l will always be sad because l will not see you any more

“Your angel will always talk to you about 52 and in fact
1 will always be next to you
At the moment there was much peace(
静寂)in Heavenbut voices from the earth could already be heardand the childin a hurry, asked‘'OhGodif I am about to 53 now, please tell me my angel’s 54!”
“It is not hard to remember,” God replied 55
“You will call your angel Mommy
(  ) 41
Aevery day Bany day Cone day Dsome day
(  ) 42
Athe earth Bthe moon Cthe country Dthe sea
(  ) 43
Awhere Bhow Cwhy Dwhen
(  ) 44
ABetween BFor CAmong DWith
(  ) 45
Anothing Beverything Canything Dsomething
(  ) 46
A10nely Bhappy Cexcited Dsurprised
(  ) 47
Athough Bwhether Cafter Dif
(  ) 48
Ano B1ittle Cmuch Dsome
(  ) 49
Awhere to go Bhow to speak cwhat to say Dwhich to choose
(  ) 50
Aheard Bremembered Cforgotten Dsaid
(  )51
Awhen Bas soon as Csince Deven if
(  )52
Ame Byou CUS Dher
(  )53
Adie Bwork Cstudy D1eave
(  )54
Aaddress Bname Cnumber Djob
(  )55
Aangrily Bsadly Csoftly Dshyly
Little Tommy Was doing very badly in math
His parents had tried everything--tutors(家庭教师)cardsspecial learning centers--in shorteverything they could think ofFinally they took Tommy to catholic(天主教的)school
After the first day, little Tommy came home with a very serious look on his face
He didn’t kiss his mother helloInsteadhe went straight to his room and started studyingBooks and papers were spread(铺开)out all over the room and little Tommy was hard at workHis mother was surprisedShe called him down to dinner and as soon as he finished eatinghe went back to his roomwithout a wordIn no time he was back hitting the books as hard as beforeThis went on for some time, day after day while the mother tried to understand what was happening·
Finally, little Tommy brought home his report card
He quietly put it on the table and went up to his room and hit the booksHis mom looked at it and to her surpriselittle Tommy got all A in mathShe could no longer hold her curiosity(好奇心)She went to his room and asked“Son what was it? Was it the nuns(修女)?”
Little Tommy looked at her and shook his head
‘'Well then
”she asked again‘'WHAT was it?”
Little Tommy looked at her and said
"Well, on the first day of school, when I saw that man nailed() to the plus sign(加号), I knew they weren’t joking.”
(  )56
Why did Tommy’s parents send him to a catholic school?
Because he could eat well there
Because he could earn more about nuns
Because his parents wanted him to do better in his math
Because his parents didn’t want him to learn math anymore-
(  )57
Tommy’s mother felt surprised that his son——·
was still the same as usual Bate so much atdinner
kissed her hello after school DWorked hard but said little
(  )58
“hitting the books”means“_____”in Chinese·
.用功 B.捶书 C.发泄 D.振作
(  )59
The last sentence in the passage shows that——·
Tommy felt sorry for the mail BTommy was afraid of being nailed
Tommy didn’t like the plus sign DTommy liked playing jokes on others
(  )60
From the passagewe can infer(推断)that——
teachers should be strict with their students
mistaking(误解)might do good sometimes
a catholic school is much better than other ones
nuns are good at helping children with their math
Emily Urich 18 years old Canada
A 10t of teens aren’t responsible(
有责任感的)and that’s where I’m differentNot just about school but everyday things like being able to pay my
own credit card(
信用卡)bills on time
The first time I got a cartoon book was on my third birthday
From then on
I fell in deep love with it
And can you guess how many cartoon books I've read? I don’t really know the exact numberBut I have three full boxes of them under my bedI also like drawing cartoons and wish to be an art teacher in a sch001
Joe Miller 16 year’s old America
I’m proud of doing things my own way
So whether somebody wants me
to do something or whatever it is
I feel like they’re all other people’s thoughts
not really mine
But like othersI love readingtoo
When I first took skiing lessons
I found it excitingFor ski racing
there’s no question I'm better shape than most guys(
小伙子)I think it’s funI
it is a challenge(挑战)It’s where I picked up the idea of needing a challenge always in my lifeIn order to improve my skiing skillsI have read many books and magazines about itNo doubt it’s my dream to win gold medals in the Olympic Games
An Oi 15 years old China
I’m different because I prefer to drop out of the world to create my own
I’d like to build a house on a mountainAnd I choose to live without
electricity, a telephone
or even indoor plumbing(室内卫生设备)
I have many hobbies such as traveling
readingwriting and spending time
with children
I love children because they are smart and creativeThey always
have many strange ideas
It makes me excited
1want to do something for Hope Project and become a country schoolteacher~
(  )61
Who wants to be teacher?
Emily and Joe BJoe and An QicEmily and An QiDOnly An Qi
(  )62
Which hobby do the three students all have?
Writing BSkiing CTravellingDReading
( )63
According to Emily, we can infer(推断)that——
people around trust her Bshe does sports at weekends
she laughs at other people Dshe gets up late on Sundays
( )64
We know that Joe Miller——
doesn’t like to follow others Bthinks skiing is too dangerous
does well in drawing cartoons DEnjoys living somewhere quiet
( )65
Why does An Qi want to be a country schoolteacher?
Because she wants to travel
Because her parents are teachers
Because she loves children very much
Because she comes from the countryside
(  )66
If you want to visit Keswickwhich ad is NOT useful for you?
The ad for Hunters Way BThe ad for Linnett Hill
The ad for Composton HouseDThe ad for Royal Oak Hotel
(  )67
They are all ads for
tourists to find where to stay Btourists to find how to travel
people to find workplace Dpeople to find different foods
(  )68
It takes the least time to walk to Keswick centre from
Hunters Way BLinnet Hill
Compost on House DRoyal Oak Hotel
( )69
If you want to book a room at Hunters Way, you’ll have to call at——
(017687)77124 B(017687)73109
(015394)32305 D(017687)72324
(  )70
What makes Royal Oak Hotel different from others?
It’s the biggest of the four BIt has special home cooking
It’s free when you are parkingDIt’s all American style guesthouse
The elephants the largest animal walking on Earth
An elephant can carry aloud Of 1200 pounds 71 Elephants can be trained to Carry logs(圆木)with their trunks 72 There are two kinds of elephantsthe African elephant and the Indian elephant African elephants can be identified(识别)by the larger ears 73 Another Name for the Indian elephant is the Asian elephant
The greatest threat(
威胁)to elephants is the ivory(象牙)tradeFrom 1979 to 1989 was a bad time for African elephants 74 In 1989 an international agreement Limited(限制)the trade in ivoryprotecting elephants from being killedbut elephants are still Being killed for ivory 75 Don’t even buy anything that looks like ivory!
They eat 300 pounds of food a day
Please don’t ever buy anything made from ivory!
About 70000 wild elephants were killed for ivory each year
Indian elephants are easier to identify because of their smaller ears
They also use their trunks for drinking waterbathingeating and communicating
7l  72  73  74  75
HiDave! Come in and sit down76 ?
Orange juice would be fine77 ?
Ohnot badAnd you?
Just SO-SO78 And I have no time to relax
By the way, what do you want to do after leaving school?
Sounds goodDo you have apart-time job?
Yeah1 work as a waiter in a restaurant80
WowThat’s great
世界无烟日(Non-smoking Day)”那天,某中学对该校学生吸烟情况进行了一次调查,结果如图所示。请就此话题用英语写一篇短文。
提示词语:do a survey about…(做一个有关……的调查)
of the students(百分之三的学生)
21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40
B   B   C   D  A   A   B  C  C   D   C   B   B  D   C   D  A   A  D   A
4l  42  43  44  45  46  47  48  49  50  5l  52  53  54  55
C   A   B  C   A   B  D   C   B  A   D  A   D   B  C
56  57  58  59  60  61  62  63  64  65  66  67  68  69  70  71  72  73  74  75
C   D   A  B   B   C  D   A   A  C   C   A  B   D   B  A   E  D  C   B
Any drinks
Would you like any
some drinks
Would you like something to drink
What would you like
orange juice or coffee
Would you like orange juice or
mat about some drinks
MayCouldShall I get you something to drink
A drink
How are you(doing)
How is everything going
How are things going
Is everything going well
OKall right
I'm very busy
I'm busy with…
I’m busy doing…
I have been working on…
I have a lot of work to do (these days)
1 wantI dreamI planI’m planning1 would like to be a(n)…
I’11 work as a(n)…
To be
Being a(n)…is my dream
1wanttomake some money
1 want to be independent
I Want to live on my own
support myself
I don’t want to depend
rely on my parents
It pays for my school things
On Non—smoking Day, a school did a survey about how many students smoke
Here are the results3of the students often smoke7of the students smoke sometimesThese students say they smoke just for fun and they look cool while smokingNearly everyone knows smoking does no good to people’s healthespecially for teenagersAs studentswe should not smokeThose who smoke should give up smokingAnd if our family members smokewe should try to stop themStudents who have never smoked should never try it

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